Monday, 31 August 2015

Getting back in the swing

Ive been a painting break of late but last night I picked the brush up again. I finished off a few quick wins to get me in the mood again.

Deadpool for Batman Miniatures games. Not sure if anyone has done rules for him though.
Arkham City Robin.
Ghost Lady and the Marotta Mafia brothers for Ghostbusters games.
Scariest bad guy in history....well that's how i remember him. I think ill use him for Otherworld or Frostgrave.

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  1. These are rather splendid and I especially love Skeletor!

    1. Yeah he was fun to paint. Sadly it's only one done at the moment by the same guy who done the Turtles.

  2. Lovely work! Skeletor is soo cool!