Sunday, 25 August 2013

Birthday Gifts, Baratheons and Heoclix

Some small updates on a couple of things from myself.

The wonderful David Imrie sent me the below artillery piece as a birthday present for me last week, when i celebrated my 30th Birthday. So thank you David you're a top bloke.

 Below is some updates to my Roberts Rebellion. Robert is just a WIP at the moment.

This will be my dismounted Eddard Stark

Although i won't have any Lannisters this is going to be my Jamie of t he Kings Guard.  

 Bought a load of these heroclix figures as it's a combo of two things that i love. Halo and Superheroes and sadly no one makes them in lead. I really want the Watchmen set but can't find them anywhere now.

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Baratheon Army WIP

Just a small work in progress of my Baratheon army. The figures are all Firefore Sergeants with my own waterslide transfers.

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Over the Hills and Far Away

Did these after doing a re-run of my Sharpe DVD's. Love them and just needed some figures painted. I have a bunch of the Perry Carlists that i will do as Guerrillas and then i hope to get some Sharpe practice games on the go.

The eyes still look a bit big for what i want so ill keep working on that.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Robert Baratheon

Like many i have interest in Game of Thrones and i love the books. So with this i have started a new project (opps) and it isn't based on Game of Throne but based on the battles prior to which the books and TV series are set. I want to do Roberts Rebellion or The War of the Usurper if you are a Targaryen.

Some great details of the Rebellion here

I'll be building forces for the housesHouse Baratheon,House Stark,House Arryn and House Tully  and looking to use Dux Britannium and maybe Saga for the rules.

 I have started painting some of the Fireforge Sergeants up as Baratheon soldiers. I picked up more of the boxes along with Claymore Castings figures at Claymore on Saturday so i hope to start getting on with the project. I think ill use the War of the Roses box sets as well to give me differences in the armour styles etc.

I also got the Percy figure from Claymore Castings and he will be my Robert Baratheon. I have made some modifications to him as well mush to the disappointment of David Imrie haha. The antlers are from a Bretonnian Knight from Games Workshop. I removed the sword and replaced it with a Claymore Castings Warhammer and added some greenstuff to make it bigger. Not sure if im happy about it though as sculpting isn't my best talent ha.

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Claymore 2013

On Saturday our club Glasgow & District Wargaming Society put on a game at Calymore. The game was Titos Raid or Operation R√∂sselsprung (1944). 

The game went much the same way as the actual Operation with me taking most of the town but failling to find out Tito was in his moutain hideout rather than the town. Resulting in him escaping.

I never got any pictures of any of the others games but there was some really nice ones on display.

Thanks to South East Scotland Wargames Club for a great event and the invite.


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