Wednesday, 28 January 2015

For Sale Williamite Regiments

Selling 2 of the Williamite Rgiments that i own. One was painted by myself(Huguenot) and one painted by a friend (Dutch Blue Guard).

Looking for £140 for each regiment which is £7.50 per figure which i think is a good price for the standard. Buyer pays the postage.

(Huguenot) De La Melonere Regiment


 Garde te Voet (Dutch Blue Guard)


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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Saturday Painting

Saturday seems to be the day for me to get things done now. Bottle of Bordeaux and my paints and im sorted :)

Got some more figures added to my Gangs of New York and also painted up two of my favourite Super Heros as well.I know Rorschach isn't a super hero but he is cool enough to be one. It's fair to say that him and the Captain are so far apart in terms of how they act.

I have pre ordered a few more of the Knight Model figures and the Batman Miniatures game rules. It seems that the Rorschach figure has the same type of stats that could be used with the ruleset. This just means as well as buying Batman figures im going to now have to buy all of the Watchmen.

Now I had previously painted these before (apart of Rorschach) and thought i could do them better given i feel i have improved on my painting alot in the last 12 months. So some detol was needed and this is the new paint jobs.

Knight Models Rorschach

Gangs of New York. Brigade Games

28mm Captain America and Bucky

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