Monday, 29 April 2013

Oppa Imrie Style!!!!

Who needs Gangnam Style???

This is a thank you to David Imrie ( as yesterday he gave me my very own personal painting lesson. Now David is one of my favorite painters and when he offered for me to visit him and get a free lesson i jumped at the chance. It also helps that both of our kids are of the same age and they can play together while we get on with playing with our toys.

Primer stage

Base coat 

Wash with Agrax Earthshade
Finished with highlights
So these two are the one's that David painted to show me how he does it. He always seems to get such great look figures with what is really an easy process. The highlights and the detail is the key to it though.

 This is my effort which i don't think is that bad. It's not fully finished but i got the main bits done that i need. I have ordered a few more Rosemary and co brushed that David uses and ill then get a start on painting more of my Covenanters.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nae Popery, Nae Bishops, Nae Staine Glass Windaes!!!

Here's the first pics of a new project that i have agreed to do with David Imrie. I have always wanted to do a Covenanter and Parliment army but had no one to do it with. David offered to do a Royalist army, with us concentrating on Marston Moor and he will also give me some painting lessons so i was sold ha.

The figures will be a mix of Renegade and Bicorne and i think ill also use some of the Redoubt ECW range as well.

The first figures i have are the Renegade Covenanters and the are gorgeous figures. I first bought these about 8 years ago and i don't get why there is not more exposure of them. We will be using  1644: Rules for Battles of the English Civil War and also a great basing style that David uses.

I only get the figures today and have got the base coat done and will now look at various options for Hodden Grey.

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Friday, 12 April 2013

Loki's Great Hall Birthday Giveaway

I seen details of this great give away today and i was glad i did as he has some great painted figures on his blog. Give him a follow and maybe you will be in with a chance of winning one of the great prizes he is doing.

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

More kitten than Tiger!!!

Ok the recent Bolt Action game did nothing but disappoint me. The dice gods seen it fit to really go against me on Sunday. Not only were my casualties high due to being assaulted by a lesser squad and having to surrender that squad with more men because the lost 2 more casualties, i also had to deal with a bazooka taking out my Tiger. YES A BLOODY BAZOOKA!!!!

Now don''t get me wrong my Tiger was performing horribly with it hits doing nothing to destroy one of the two Shermans it was facing but seeing a bazooka take it out is just not on. The Survivors if any are certainly getting sent to the Eastern front after this.

It was still enjoyable to play the game and it's allowing us and the other guys at the club to start thinking up some house rules for the game as well. We will need to discuss these a little more but we had some good ideas.

My Kitten after the damage was done :(


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Friday, 5 April 2013

VBCW The Blue Bonnet Grey and Blacks - Covenanters

These guys have actually already been in battle but i wanted to do some highlights on them before i was happy to keep them off the table. Still not the best job but i did enjoy painting the great figures from Musketeer.

The are Lord Mauchline 1st Glasgow Regiment. Lord Mauchline would have been 20 in 1938 and he has raised this Regiment on behalf of his Mother the Countess of Loudon. The Earl of Loudon Foot and Lord  Mauchline Horse were the Glasgow Covenanter Regiments and they have rallied to the call once more. They are led by the Young Lord Mauchline in the name of their faith and Scotland.

PSALM 95 7

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

It's a SAGA

Along with the WW2 Armour in the previous update i have also been given the start of a Saga Viking force. I have never played Saga so I don't know what this actually gives me but ive had a box of them already built and sitting in a shoe box for months as well. This means i will need to paint these as well and get a game in.

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New Bolt Action stuff!!!

Some new stuff i have for Bolt action. The Hanomags, Shermans and Stug are all gifts from a friend who actually had these sitting in his "junk drawer". Ill happily paint these up and i think ill get an airbrush to do them as well.

The dice bag from Warlord was a must as well. Ill need to try and get a Fallschirmjager patch for the other side as well and maybe a British Paras one too. 

Today i also made this 1/48 scale Bristol Bulldog that will be going into the service of my VBCW Covenanter force and used in the battle of Glasgow Green at Wappinshaw.

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