Monday, 18 January 2016

Italian (CTV) Cannone da 75/27 and MMG

Painted these for the Spanish Civil War project but i had never taken any pictures of them. Took pics of them tonight as im now the lot of the figs.

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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Major Robert Rogers

I thought it was about time i did a reboot of my old project after selling most of them. the French and Indian war is by far my fave war and painting the figures always gives me a buzz.

I still have lots of the unpainted figs from the last project and going to concentrate alot more on Terrain this time. Hopefully get a demo game at a show again.

Looking forward to Sharpe Practice 2 coming out as well and see if we get rules for FIW again.

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Half shell heores have a Van!!!

My Turtles now have a van and they have some seriosu big fucking guns on it. I also rebased my Raph and got the Foot Clan out for Shredder.

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