Thursday, 27 December 2012

28th Foot - Battle of Quebec

Finished my first Unit for the Quebec Project. Next up will be a French Unit i think.

Here is a little history of the Regiment in the French and Indian War.

In 1758, the regiment took part in the amphibious expedition against the fortress of Louisbourg in Canada. It embarked on April 17 and arrived at Halifax on May 9. The expedition was under the command of general Amherst. On June 8, when Amherst's army landed near Louisbourg, the regiment was part of the left brigade under Lawrence. Between June and July, the regiment, held in reserve, took part in the siege of Louisbourg which surrendered on July 27. After the capture of the fortress, the regiment remained there as part of the garrison.
In 1759, the regiment took part to the amphibious expedition against Québec, it belonged to brigadier-general Townsend's brigade. On June 27, the army landed on Isle-d'Orléans and were drawn up on the beach near the village of Saint-Laurent. On July 9, a skirmish occurred near the Montmorency fall. Dank's Rangers were attacked and defeated by a party of Canadians and Ottawa Indians who was in turn repulsed by the grenadiers of the 28th Foot. On July 31, the grenadiers of the regiment took part to the failed attack on the shores of Beauport, suffering heavy losses in the fight. Late in the evening of September 12, 300 men of the regiment formed part of the first 1,700 men who were ordered from the British vessels above Québec into bateaux in preparation for a landing at Anse-au-Foulon. On September 13, the regiment led the way when the army climbed the heights of Québec. It then took part in the battle of the Plains of Abraham near Québec where it was placed on the right flank. General Wolfe charged at its head. On September 18, Québec finally surrendered. At the end of October, when vice-admiral Saunders left with his fleet for Great Britain, the regiment, whose ranks had been replenished to about 650 men by drafts from the 62nd Foot and 69th Foot, remained as garrison in Québec along with 9 other battalions.

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FIW Indians and Provincials

Needed some more Indians and finished my last batch of Provincials. This time it was some Pennsylvanian Provincials and i tried some different War paint combos. I think i might make up a guide of different Indian War designs.

Redoubt Woodland Indians- These were really nice to paint and great figures. I still need to add the burning torches and muskets to the raiders.


Galloping Major Pennsylvanian Provincials- I don't need to explain again how much i love these minis and i really wanted some as Penn Provincials. They have drawn most of there  men from the local Ulster Scots population and will i have confidence they will put up a good fight given that the Ulster Scots were born fighting.

Here is a small comparison of the Galloping Major and Redoubt. They fit pretty well to me.


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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Assassins Creed 3 for FIW Ideas

I have been playing this game for the last couple of nights when i can steal the tv from the wife.

I have always enjoyed the series so I'm loving this one as it's in a period of great interest. It's starts off at the beginning of the French and Indian War and works it way through to the American War of Independence.

Now there are loads of issues with the Uniforms etc but as with all AC games the scenery is awesome. From being in Boston to the Wilderness it's great. It has given me lots of ideas for scenery to include in my games with a great Log Fort and also the Indian villages etc.

I'm not keen on killing Red Coats and even less keen on how we have been made out to be the Big Bad British as usual but hey it's only a game. I accidently killed George Washington and to start one of my missions again. So far it's a good game with questionable elements but i won't let that get in the way.

If you haven't played it and you are into console games you should get a copy of it.

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Has anyone played Dreadball or X-Wing?

I'm thinking seen as it's Christmas i might treat myself to one of these games but at the moment I'm not sure what one to get.

First of all i don't know anyone who plays either but i guess i could convince someone to play a game at the club. I would like to buy a game rather than a new wargames project.

I never played Bloodbowl or anything so have no experience of games like Dreadball but i think it's cool and used to love playing Speedball as a kid.

has anyone played either of these games and give recommendations to convince me :D


X-Wing Miniatures Game

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Monday, 10 December 2012

Why oh why do i do it?

Yip i have got more figures that i really shouldn't be getting as i have loads of others stuff to paint but what the hell.

First up is some of the fantastic 70's Hooligans from Col Bill and Ainsty. Stu from Col Bill's told me about these sometime back and i couldn't wait to get them. Mine will be getting painted as some Old Rangers lads and have them reenact the Glories of taking the Stretford End. Stu has also told me that they are working on some rules for them at the moment.

I have already told him i want some 80's Casuals.

Next up is some Gladiators. Stu had a couple of bags of them which i dually took off him and i also have another 12 on the way from a member on LAF. That should be more than enough to get some game going. I just need to get some rules now with a number of options available but im open to suggestions.Martin from Warbases has also popped a few Hex bases in the post for me, so once i get them they will be getting based and primed.

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