Sunday, 2 August 2015

English Civil War game at Claymore.

Here are some pictures and details on the scenario for the demo game we done at Claymore. As with most games at shows we never got much gaming as there was alot of chatting with friends other gamers. We will be getting anoother game very soon where we can play it out fully. 

Skirmish at Lord Richard (Dick) Rasch’s Farm
June 1644

Today’s game is brought to by The Wargaming Society of Contemptible Bastards. It’s a fictional small scale skirmish that took place at the Farm of Lord Richard Rasch or Dick to his friends in the year of our Lord 1644.

Whenever you think of the English Civil War battles you think of Marston Moor, Naesby and Edgehill. Winning Grand battles like these are what win you the Wars but between these large scale battles there is all the smaller scales battles that are going on all over the country.

The Solemn League and Covenant has been besieging the Great City of York but rumours are afoot that the Dreaded Prince Rupert of Rhine is gathering a force in the North East, which will come to relieve the besieged forces of the Marquis of Newcastle in the City.

Reconnaissance has come to the Covenanter Commander that a nearby Yorkshire Farm belonging to the devout Royalist Lord Dick Rasch has a stockpile of powder and arms. Lord Rasch has been collecting this cache on behalf of Prince Rupert and the Prince is on his way to collect the stockpile with the intention of relieving the siege at York and then making battle with the Allied forces.

The Earl of Leven concerned by this Intel sends a small forces to raid the farm and to take the powder for his own forces and put the Royalist Lord Dick Rasch to the sword for his defying his God and his Parliament.

What will the Covenant and Parliament forces find when they reach the Farm???

Who will you cheer for…..the Forces of God and Parliament or Charles Stuart King of England, Scotland and Ireland?

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  1. Fantastic pics of what looks like a top game!!

  2. Brilliant looking game- i really wish that I could have made it up there- not only did I miss your game with David but it's one of my favourite shows too.

    Would have been great to catch up with everyone!


  3. That looks absolutely amazing, inspirational stuff.

  4. Awesome game. (Am just thinking of getting into ECW)