Sunday, 9 August 2015

English Civil War Phase 1 Complete!!!

 Took some pictures today of the last pieces that completed for the game at Claymore. Ill be taking a break from the project and will visit it again in a few months. I need to concentrate on Ghetto Miniatures but ill cooomplete some of the individual figures that i have and have wanted to paint for sometime.

Warlord Casualty Set

Redoubt Hang Men set. This was painted for me by David Imrie to go in my own collection and i love it.

Earl of Leven my Genreal for the Battle. He did stay on the field a little longer than the actual General did though :P

Earl of Manchester

Sir Thomas Fairfax

Fairfax Blue Coats Command

Fair Fax Regiment

Presbyterian Minister
 Rambling Leveller

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  1. "Complete" that's a word that's rarely used with a miniatures project

    Well done, sir, well done, indeed!

  2. That's just phase one.....Plenty more to do haha. We have completed the target we set out to do when we agreed to do it.

  3. All museum-quality pieces!

  4. All museum-quality pieces.

  5. Absolutely stunning work, I shall be taking plenty of inspiration from these.

  6. These are indeed stunning! Wonderful!

  7. Outstanding units!! And photos...