Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Future Wars Beauty

Saxon Dog has a beautiful collection of figures on his shelves but these guys painted by Andrew Taylor always catch my eye. I have these figures (unpainted) and can't wait to paint them but they will never get to this level.

For me Andrew is the best in Hobby and i can never tire of looking at his art.

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Love ECW......LOVE IT!!!!

Went up to see Saxon Dog during the Easter holidays so that we could play a game of Donnybrook using David's ECW Figures. David had misplaced the rules and i had to give my copy away on the orders of Mr Imrie two weeks prior this so we were not off to a good start.

David tried to explain some of the mechanics of the rules from what he could remember and we did get some rounds of shooting between the dragoons but ultimately we ended up sitting about chatting, drinking tea and taking pictures. It was like gaming at a show :)

So i have no AAR for this other than we did alot of moving and i took a number of casualties off his dragoons. Im currently painted up my ECW stuff on single bases so that we can look at doing this in a big game skirmish game.

Here are the pics which are more important than any AAR. All terrain and figures belong to David :)

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