Sunday, 29 September 2013

(Miniatures Bid) A few listings for sale

Thought i would give Miniature Bid a go and have added a few new things to it.

VBCW Militia

VBCW Royal Mail Squad

VBCW Italian Blackshirts

Copplestone VBCW/Interwar Vickers Med Mark III Tank

VBCW Bristol Bulldog

Matchbox VBCW/Interwar Armoured Rolls Royce

WW2 German Fallschirmjaeger

Empress British Zulu War Command

SCW Anarchist Machine Gun Team

28mm Old West Lot 1

28mm Old West Lot 2

29mm Old West Lot 3

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

28mm Empress Moderns 2 Scots (RHF)

This is easily the most daunting thing i have ever painted. The thought of painting MTP camo on such gorgeous figures scared the life out of me but i forced myself to do it.

Personally i don't think it's bad. It's not going to win me anything but im happy to game with them. They look a tad too green i think but then again i was in Tesco this afternoon and a Cadet Officer walk past me in his full MTP and it did look very green.

Although they can be any regiment in Afghanistan mine will be the 2 Scots (Royal Highland Fusileers)  as i got these figures just at the time that 2 Scots lost 3 of it's boys in Afghanistan.

This is to the 3 lads that never came home to their loved ones.

CORPORAL William Savage (30)
 Fusilier Samuel Flint (21)
Private Robert Hetherington (25)

The two pilots will be great for a Black Hawk down style game and i couldn't not paint one of them to be a certain Ginger haired pilot who does us proud.

On the table at the moment are Perry desert rats. They are going to be a quick paint job with a base layer and army painted dip. I just want to get them done as im not sure if ill get to game with them but might try out Chain of Command with them.

I should also have some Arryns and Starks finished soon as well for my Roberts Rebellion project.

I picked up the North Star highlanders at the local Glasgow games store this afternoon when getting some paints for the Desert Rats. 

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