Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Spanish Civil War Moroccans and Corpo Truppe Volontarie

Finished another two units. Quite pleased with the outcome on these given that i only spent about 6 days in total on them all.

The figures are great as usual and i loved painting the Italians. Not sure i got the skin tones on the Moroccans that i wanted nor am i 100% sold that i got the CTV uniform correct but they will do for the table.

Next i have some Nationalist Cavalry too paint. I DO NOT LIKE PAINTING HORSES :)

The flags have been made by myself but for Empress. They can be bought only from the Empress site. 


Moroccan Regulares

 Corpo Truppe Volontarie

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  1. Very nice work all around! I like the faces. Look a nicely battleworn and tired with the stubble etc. The flags are brilliant!

  2. My word they are astonishingly good!

  3. Very much it was pleasant, only I would make to moros a company tag

  4. Now how did I manage to miss these. Superb painting and the flag is the icing on the cake.

  5. May I ask what green did you use for the Italians? Because they look absolutely stunning.

    1. Hey it was a mix of Vallejo English Uniform and Uniform green. Hope it helps :)