Saturday, 20 December 2014

Earl of Manchesters Foot Regiment

The first two bases of my Earl of Manchesters Foot Regiment. Changed to multi base as the small sclae rules we have been played don't really need the figures single based and can get away with multi base. Also the fact that Bicorne and Renegade are pretty big and i stuggle to get them on the 20x20 bases.

I will need quite a few of these guys as they were a double regiment at Marston Moor. Theres is some debate as to wither they were Green Coats and Red cuffs or Red coats and Green cuffs. Im going to do both as i might do two battalions in the different coats.

Some good info on the Regiment here.

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  1. I would do both options too. These look fantastic!

  2. Great looking troops in green. They look great multi-based too.