Saturday, 20 December 2014

Gangs of New York Natives

Painted the 6 of these last night for my planned Gangs of New York game. I quite enjoyed painting these figures.

These are first 6 figures that will make up my Gang of Natives or Bowery Boys. My Bill The Butcher will be getting a repaint to lead these guys into battle for the Five Points.

"Then may the Christian Lord, guide my hand, against your Roman popery!" 

Virtual Armchair General figures are really nice. Some of the poses are a bit static but i really enjoyed painting the figures and the sculpting is good. The figures are made for Gangs of New York games and they have a quite a few in the range.

I'm glad i liked them as these are first figures ive bought from the US that got me stung for Tax annd add ons.

West Wind London mob figures are also very nice. I love the sculpts that West Wind produce. I bought these along with a load of figures for Empire of the Dead which i will also be playing at soome point once i get some stuff sorted. The West Wind figure is more chunky but I think it looks ook next to the VAG figures. Ive only painted 1 West Wind figure just now as i need i want them to have more weapons so im going to have a shot at the sculpting putting.

 (L to R) All Virtual Armchair General
  (L to R) Virtual Armchair General, West Wind, Virtual Armchair General

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  1. Great job! And an A+++ for the plaid trouser pattern.

  2. Fabulous work, really characterful and great attention to detail