Sunday, 30 March 2014

Black and Tans, Red Devils and Romans

Not posted in a while but i have been painting. This stuff has been painted for a while and sitting on my shelf.

First up is some Black and Tans or Royal Irish Constabulary Auxiliaries. I have a keen interest in the Irish Wars and the Troubles  which seem to go hand in hand of growing up in Glasgow. I have wanted to painted these great figures for a while now and glad i finally got them done. I do plan to some games with them doing some raids and ambushes. I will pad out the numbers with some of the British WW1 Regulars that i have previously painted up for my VBCW games. I also have loads of IRA that i will paint up as well that can be used as Militia types for VBCW and SCW game so it's a win win situation.

Figures are all Musketeer Miniatures.

Next up is some British Red Devils. Another great interest due a watching a movie called Bridge Too Far when i was a kid in a cottage in Longueval when i was over at the Somme with my Father. These will be used for either Bolt Action or Chain of Command. This is just the first lot but they are probably not kitted out correctly for a squad. The next ones im painting are a squad plus command so will need watch what im paint to make sure im spreading the equipment out evenly for the squads. I wanted these guys to be battling it out in the bricks of Arnhem and i enjoyed doing something different on these bases. 

Figures are Artizan Designs. 

Lastly is some Aventine Roman Auxiliaries. David Imrie was doing his using greeting about me not doing any armies for pre Pike and Shot. He finally convinced me to do some Ancients of my choice and after seeing the Aventine miniatures how could i so no. These figures are gorgeous and i have a whole army of them to paint....eeek. This is he first unit of Auxiliaries and a Unit of Legionaries are on the table at the moment and are about 70% done as well. They are second Century Romans and it's probably the only period i have ever read on the Romans and fits in with my recent trip to Hadrians Wall. I feel the Armour and equipment is of most interest to my self and have enjoyed doing these guys. We plan to use War and Conquest rules hence the single basing. David is going to do some Germans to fight but he already has his Caledonians which these guys will fit in perfectly with.

On the painting table. Currently i have a Unit of Roman Legionaries, more Red Devils, SCW Falange and loads of others bits n bobs. I also picked these guys up from Studio Miniatures and can't explain how excited i was when i seen them. They will be available at Salute and im sure many will buy them for sure.

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  1. Great looking models... love the A team :)

  2. Nice painting. The A-Team. Awesome!
    I pity the fool that doesn't dig those miniatures.

  3. Some very nice brushwork on a wide variety of figures.

  4. Beautiful minis, great paint job!