Saturday, 15 March 2014

Albanich 2014 Bloody Borders

I have not posted on this in a while but i haven't been doing ignoring the hobby. I have been painting quite alot as well making flags for the website so busy busy but i haven't got pics for some of the stuff yet.

I was at the Albanich show last weekend. It's quite a small show but i was a decent venue and was good to catch up with friends. I put a Border Reiver game for the club. We used a free set of rules from Wargames Illustrated for the Border Reivers. They were rather simple and lacked some excitement but i think i will be trying out the Donnybrook rules after speak with a  few friends who want to try them as well. Barry did a good sell on them as well.

We played a couple of games of just basic raids with some killing in revenge for the stealing of cattle.

I faired very well as i was on horse and wiped out the English Family.

It was good to get my new Blockhouse that i converted using the Reiver range from Warbases. I also put my new Hudson and Allen Medevial Farm house on the table which can be used for many periods.

All the figures are the fantastic Jim Bowen figures from Cran Tara and i will be buying more of them in the future for sure.

Now im off to paint and will try and get some pictures tomorrow of the stuff i have painted the last couple of weeks.

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  1. Wonderful looking game- excellent scenery and terrain. love the Jim Bowen Border Reiver sculpts too- loads of character.


  2. Great lookin models and terrain

  3. It was a great looking game and I enjoyed meeting up with you. Hope you've got those casualties painted?

    1. Not yet. I have alot on the table at the moment.

  4. I am also eyeing up Donnybrook for the Elizabethan age. What are your plans for Calivers/arquebus?

    1. Nothing at the moment sadly. Not had time to sit down with the rules and think about it yet.

    2. My thoughts so far:
      1. Armour is more common and needs a disadvantage: this would be that any armoured figure would make a unit move like pikes in rough terrain.
      2. Arquebus = pistols while muskets = muskets.
      3. Wardens men are Militia faction
      4. Riding families are either Raparees or Outlaws.