Thursday, 10 April 2014

¡España una! ¡España grande! ¡España libre! ¡Arriba España!

I have always felt that the SCW is a really interesting war in modern times and also a very complicated one to follow. I have a read some stuff on it the past couple of years and it's one that ive always wanted to read more on.

Playing it in games is also something that ive wanted to do for some time as well so i have made the leap. I have picked the Falangists as they Blue shirts stand out and it seems as though no one ever wants to go the Nationalists. There is only so many people who can go the POUM or International Brigades.

They were an interesting bunch and seem to have been either a hit or miss on the field. I will use Chain of Command or Bolt Action for these. If i use CoC im very limited in the vehicle support i can use if using the Flange list. I have thought about just using the Regulares list with the agreement of my opponent and say these are one of the better trained platoons and i can use my Captured T-26 etc.

The figures are Empress and the flag is my own Flags of War one. I have loads more Falange figures to get painted from the Burns Miniatures range (previously Force of Arms). I will also get a few more stuff from Empress to kit them out and once complete i should have a tasty Falange Platoon with supports to chase the Reds from Spain.

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  1. Great looking miniatures... the flag is realy stands out! ACE work.