Sunday, 29 December 2013

VBCW Chain of Command

Played another game of Chain of Command today but using Very British Civil War forces this time. I played with my usual VBCW gamer but by the end he didn't seem to be too happy with the rules still preferring Bolt Action.

For me Bolt Action has a certain appeal of simple gaming rules that don't have much thinking for the gamer. I switched to CoC as i felt as i needed something that was missing and i was hooked after my first game and the more i play the better i feel they get. I know rules don't get the same appeal for everyone but ill certainly be sticking with Chain of Command.

The game was Scottish Covenanters v Glasgow Red Clydesiders. I had to make up my own army lists and also split the force experience of the Platoon to give it that more VBCW slant. We also had some armour on the table as well.

It started off well for the Covenanters but the layout of the terrain meant that we had to move more than i had wanted including moving my MMG closer to the enemy and ultimately within firing range of them as well. The reds MMG was in a prime position and got to lay down alot of fire on the Covenanters probably more than should have been allowed in the rules :)

Some good interuptions using the Chain of Command points worked in my favour but the damn MMG broke two of my squads and turned the game against me.

Good game that i enjoyed but i guess ill need to get someone else into VBCW as i going back to Bolt Action doesn't appeal to me at all.

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  1. Pretty cool battle, even if you did get swatted by the MG.

  2. I prefer CoC too, and some cool photos!

  3. Greate looking game!

    I totaly agree about CoC vs BA. Might have to try them out for our swedish Conflict to.

    Best regards Michael

  4. Good looking game. The problem with rules that limit player control, is that some players don't like them. Seemed to work out all right, though!

  5. Very nice to see. I too have been doing coc-vbcw and I think it is excellent (though am still working on my supports). You can find my stuff on. 'Wargaming Rediscovered'

  6. Great inspiration for my own forthcoming vbcw project

    1. Great stuff mate. I wish i got to game it more. What faction are you doing?