Monday, 16 December 2013

Taliban Amubush (Skirmish Sangin) and a thank you

 Played my first ever moderns game using Skirmish Sangin rules. Very good game to play if a little uncomfortable due being a little to close to home but it's a game.

The rules are for small scale so we basically had 8 figures a side with the Taliban waiting in Amush for my Infantry patrol.

First fire went to the Taliban who took out one of my squad leaders with a sniper shot. Thankfully all went against the Taliban after that. The Minime tore them up with it taking top gun of the bout. Due to good movement into cover and some good shooting from my 2 Scots the Taliban soon started racking up the casualties.

With the less men they had the harder they became to hit and they were able to get another hit on the patrol with one squaddie taking a serious wound.

My least valued rifleman was able to bring it all to end with a wonder hit on a well defended Taliban foot soldier. Amazing considering my top soldiers kept on hit nothing against the last guy.

Over all a good game and ill be playing more for sure. Might try out Force on Force for larger scale games. Now to paint my other British and SAS, make a compound and make they Range Rovers :)

Taliban Sniper going for the kill

Squad Photo :)

 AWI game that was on at the club and looked really good.

A special thanks goes to Loki at for this great give away that he had on his blog. I was drawn from a hat to win this beauty and it not sits proudly on my book shelf with my other treasured minis.

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  1. Great report and pictures, I am glad the figure arrived safely

  2. Great batrep! Loki not too bad at this painting malarky is he?

    1. Yeah he is pretty good at it. Great colours on the figure :)