Monday, 29 April 2013

Oppa Imrie Style!!!!

Who needs Gangnam Style???

This is a thank you to David Imrie ( as yesterday he gave me my very own personal painting lesson. Now David is one of my favorite painters and when he offered for me to visit him and get a free lesson i jumped at the chance. It also helps that both of our kids are of the same age and they can play together while we get on with playing with our toys.

Primer stage

Base coat 

Wash with Agrax Earthshade
Finished with highlights
So these two are the one's that David painted to show me how he does it. He always seems to get such great look figures with what is really an easy process. The highlights and the detail is the key to it though.

 This is my effort which i don't think is that bad. It's not fully finished but i got the main bits done that i need. I have ordered a few more Rosemary and co brushed that David uses and ill then get a start on painting more of my Covenanters.

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  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Andrew. It was great to get some tips. Now it's practice...practice and some more practice.

  2. They do look nice, its always great to get painting tips, especially from someone who can really paint well. Keep plugging away Iain!!

  3. I'd say David's advice is working out great for you!


    1. Ill see how i get on when on my own :)

  4. Think I'll have to give this a try tomorrow. I've been using Army Painter dips for this style, and it works, but it's cumbersome and slow and messy. The effect here looks just as good.