Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nae Popery, Nae Bishops, Nae Staine Glass Windaes!!!

Here's the first pics of a new project that i have agreed to do with David Imrie. I have always wanted to do a Covenanter and Parliment army but had no one to do it with. David offered to do a Royalist army, with us concentrating on Marston Moor and he will also give me some painting lessons so i was sold ha.

The figures will be a mix of Renegade and Bicorne and i think ill also use some of the Redoubt ECW range as well.

The first figures i have are the Renegade Covenanters and the are gorgeous figures. I first bought these about 8 years ago and i don't get why there is not more exposure of them. We will be using  1644: Rules for Battles of the English Civil War and also a great basing style that David uses.

I only get the figures today and have got the base coat done and will now look at various options for Hodden Grey.

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  1. Will be nice to follow your project !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Cheers Michael, im going up to spend sometime painting with David on Sunday so hoping i can take some good tips from one of my favourite painters :)

  3. NIce work Iain I will be following this

  4. Look forward to seeing them painted. We Papists always need some baddies to fight! ;-)

  5. Looking great!
    Can you explain the basing?

    1. The basing is just simply keeping the command on seperate bases from the main Unit. It's more for a visual impact than any effect on the rules or the game.

      ECW Flags always went to the front of the Units and retired to the back when in combat. I get annoyed when trying to work out where is should put my command when basing as i like the units to look good regardless of the formation and the way does that for me.