Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Bolt Action game Yugoslavia 1944

This was a small test for an up and coming game we have for Operation Rösselsprung. It shows some of my Fallschirmjäger that i have been painting. It was a good game but sadly i had too little to hold my position until the relief column arrived. 

Being veterans they held off the Partisans and gave a good fight. In the end they got bogged down and lost too many due to the Partisans defences being too good. It showed us that as the Partisans are defending and the Fallschirmjägerare the advance force we will need to change the points system in my favour a little. We will no doubt get another small game in before we play at one of the shows this year.

I have been working on the graveyard as well and will get pics of it soon.

With me needing more squads i have invested in a lot more of the SS-Fallschirmjäger 500 Batt as  you can see here. I will be playing a game on Sunday against a friend who has just got into Bolt Action. He will have his US Army Rangers against my Fallschirmjäger. We also have some on loan armour from David Imrie which have been painted by Andrew Taylor. Infact David has kindly given me the two Tigers as thank you gift. Thank you David :)

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  1. Nice looking game, you don't see many WW2 games set in Yugoslavia.

    1. Davie in our club is right into his Balkan history. We want to do Tito's raid in a bigger scale hence why im stocking up on the FJ.

      There is a good Osprey on the Operation. I never knew anything about it before Dave asked if i wanted to do it.

  2. Looks like nice game !

    Very interesting with a not so common setting for the battle.

    Very good looking tanks, looking forward to se your Tigers in a AAR:)

    Best regards Michael

    1. Cheers Michael.

      I was forced to go the bad guys but it wasn't so bad when david offered to give me the tigers :)

      Also i have enjoyed painting and reading up on the Fallschirmjäger/SS-FJ 500.