Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bolt Action: Fallschirmjager v US Rangers

I played a game at the Glasgow club on Sunday against my mate Ian. He started making a US Ranger force a couple of weeks ago and got 4 squads together for a battle.

3 x HQ SMG
1 x Medic
1 x Sniper Team
1 x 80mm Mortar Team
2 x Panzerschreck Teams
4 x 10 man Squads (Rifles, Assault Rifles, SMG and Panzerfaust)
2 x Tiger Tanks

Ian had the upper hand with the Rangers special rule that he can have all Ranger squads Run as soon as im deployed. This allowed him to get to village before me and defend from the buildings causing me a lot of casualties.

The Fallschirmjager fought hard on the Right with the help of the Sniper team taking a lot of Casualties and adding pin markers to help me. I ended up losing two whole squads in two brutal assaults on one of the buildings with the 3rd squad finally getting rid of the Rangers and changing the course of the game.

The Tank battle was no contest and showed the power and range of the Tigers. 85inch range is amazing for shooting and despite one have the tracks knocked off it they destroyed the Sherman, Sherman Firefly and M10 Tank destroyer with ease.

We finished the game with two squads and holding the same amount of buildings but with the Rangers no way of winning if i brought my Tigers up to village.

Im still loving Bolt Action and learning more and more about the rules as we go.

Next up is a M&T FIW Game were is should have some new Franches de la Marine on display. Ill need to get pics of my  Fallschirmjager but i still have small bits to touch up.

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  1. Very nice AAR and grate pictures of the game !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Nice report! Did you use two platoons (ie two Lt's and a Captain/Major) to get two tanks and two Panzerschreck Teams? Or did you just ignore the force org chart?

    1. We just ignored them as we are still getting into the rules.

  3. Nice AAR... realy nice painted tiger tanks :)

    Best Regards


    1. Thanks Hobbyworker, I wish I could say i painted them but i never. Andrew has done a great job on them.