Monday, 10 December 2012

Why oh why do i do it?

Yip i have got more figures that i really shouldn't be getting as i have loads of others stuff to paint but what the hell.

First up is some of the fantastic 70's Hooligans from Col Bill and Ainsty. Stu from Col Bill's told me about these sometime back and i couldn't wait to get them. Mine will be getting painted as some Old Rangers lads and have them reenact the Glories of taking the Stretford End. Stu has also told me that they are working on some rules for them at the moment.

I have already told him i want some 80's Casuals.

Next up is some Gladiators. Stu had a couple of bags of them which i dually took off him and i also have another 12 on the way from a member on LAF. That should be more than enough to get some game going. I just need to get some rules now with a number of options available but im open to suggestions.Martin from Warbases has also popped a few Hex bases in the post for me, so once i get them they will be getting based and primed.

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  1. Gladiators versus Hooligans now there is a scenario! I have to confess that I was tempted by them too.

    1. haha a trident versus a yer talking haha.

  2. Love the Hooligans, loved their St John's figures even better ha ha ha!