Thursday, 27 December 2012

FIW Indians and Provincials

Needed some more Indians and finished my last batch of Provincials. This time it was some Pennsylvanian Provincials and i tried some different War paint combos. I think i might make up a guide of different Indian War designs.

Redoubt Woodland Indians- These were really nice to paint and great figures. I still need to add the burning torches and muskets to the raiders.


Galloping Major Pennsylvanian Provincials- I don't need to explain again how much i love these minis and i really wanted some as Penn Provincials. They have drawn most of there  men from the local Ulster Scots population and will i have confidence they will put up a good fight given that the Ulster Scots were born fighting.

Here is a small comparison of the Galloping Major and Redoubt. They fit pretty well to me.


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  1. Very nice work! I really like the Redoubt Indians!


    1. Yeah some are a hit and miss though with the different sculpts.

      I have about 5 of the canoes i need to paint up as well now. (2 large, 3 small)

  2. Nice work Iain.

    Good to see the Pennsylvanians as a unit.