Saturday, 16 January 2016

Major Robert Rogers

I thought it was about time i did a reboot of my old project after selling most of them. the French and Indian war is by far my fave war and painting the figures always gives me a buzz.

I still have lots of the unpainted figs from the last project and going to concentrate alot more on Terrain this time. Hopefully get a demo game at a show again.

Looking forward to Sharpe Practice 2 coming out as well and see if we get rules for FIW again.

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  1. Superb! Really like the wood grain on the muskets.

  2. Splendid photos and figures, great paint job!

  3. Absolutely cracking, waiting to see what Peter Dennis releases for the period in paper flats before starting own project. Have you read Stephen Brumwell's book on his raid on the St. Lawrence? Cracking read

    1. Ill check it out Warwick. I liked the Dan Snow one on the same subject so ill get this one too for Brumwells thoughts. My blog is named after the great general as he was billited in Camlachie Mansion(now the Parkhead Forge Retail park) in Glasgow which is close where i grew up. He was sent there after Culloden.