Sunday, 25 August 2013

Birthday Gifts, Baratheons and Heoclix

Some small updates on a couple of things from myself.

The wonderful David Imrie sent me the below artillery piece as a birthday present for me last week, when i celebrated my 30th Birthday. So thank you David you're a top bloke.

 Below is some updates to my Roberts Rebellion. Robert is just a WIP at the moment.

This will be my dismounted Eddard Stark

Although i won't have any Lannisters this is going to be my Jamie of t he Kings Guard.  

 Bought a load of these heroclix figures as it's a combo of two things that i love. Halo and Superheroes and sadly no one makes them in lead. I really want the Watchmen set but can't find them anywhere now.

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  1. Beautiful minis, great paintjob!

  2. Very nice indeed and a superb Birthday gift

  3. Blimey, that's a coincidence. I've got the very same gunners waiting to be undercoated. Nice paint job - certainly good on the figures as they're not the most exciting gunners I've seen.

  4. Happy birthday for last week and a great present.

  5. nice birthday gift !
    I like Robert and Ed Stark seems to be good too !
    impressive heraldic !

    The superheroes are perfect !

  6. Looking nice and a great gift!