Sunday, 25 November 2012

New FIW Additions

Finally got sometime to take pictures tonight of the newly painted stuff. The Rangers and Indians have already been in a battle and only the Rangers put on any sort of performance with talking about.

Huron Warriors from Galloping Major. I still have a load of these to paint but i have started on another 12 Indians from Redoubt first.

Northstar British Indian Allies along with one Galloping Major Mohawk. I used a micro pen to do the small detail war paint and i like the affect it has given. If only they did them in white i'd be laughing.
Gorham's Rangers using the Rangers from the Northstar British Wilderness boxset. I'll prob add another highlight to these figures as i used a base layer and a dip to quickly get them ready for a game.

Now for my favourite figures I've painted and what i also think is my best paint job. I love these figures and have told lance this on a weekly basis. They are painted as Virginia Provincial's in their late Uniform and i hope they do the business next week. All i need now is two Standard Bearers and a George Washington to lead them. I have almost finished another unit of the figures that will be used as Pennsylvania Provincials. 

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  1. Excellent painting and figures

  2. Well done and really great picture presentation!


  3. Very nice ,
    Given me some inspiration to start on mine. Well done.

  4. Cheers guys, i couldn't recommend the Galloping Major Provincials enough.

  5. Great looking figures! Love the blue Indian!

  6. really nice work

    Love the pen detail

  7. Very, very nice. I'm getting quite tempted with this period...

  8. These are just gorgeous! Very inspiring as I try to complete my first unit of Rangers, thanks!