Sunday, 7 October 2012

VBCW New Recruits

Just some of my new recruits to my VBCW ranks.

First up is an Anglican Monk that was donated to me by a top gent call Lee (daywalker) on the Steve Dean forum.

Some posties that will be used in my Glasgow battles but can be used in any front really.
With so many Italians in Glasgow i felt i had to have some Italians who have been supplied by the Fascist Government in their Motherland.  The picture below is a picture of the Italian Blackshirt marching in Glasgow in the 30's and gave inspiration for this unit. I need to get a flag bearer so they can have some colours on display.


Also painted some Armour support. Painted them generic so they can be used for any side. I have also drilled some holes in them so that i can attached flags for what ever side i wish.

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1 comment:

  1. Super figures and vehicles! Can you share a little of your background for your Glasgow games?
    Although I have amassed forces for Welsh Nationalists and their Royalist opponents I still hanker after doing small unit games set in Edinburgh where I was raised.
    I thought of a unit based on German pork butchers- a ldv with bicycles.I too had thought of Italians based upon their close knit community and businesses...