Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Trees and dogs and bears oh my!!!

Some small terrain additions that i have been working on. I hope to have my first set of Rangers done soon as well.

After seeing the great "How to" by Architects of War on how to make a small wood. I wanted to do the same for my FIW Project. I thought it would be the easiest way to show Birch Trees. The clump foliage probably doesn't do the best job for Birch tree leaves but im not too fussed about that i still like it. Going make a few more of them and also some individual cd based trees.

How To

My effort with some unfinished Galloping Major Rangers for scale.

Base is some wood floor laminate that i had left over and have been in the shed for a few years now. Expensive but not going to get used.

Trunks are 8mm dowel. I drilled holes to fit the dowel and glued them as well.

Leaves are polystyrene and clump foliage.

Some logs to play a game of hide and seek.

Some Dogs who love French meat and a big bear who would love anyone to come close to them.

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  1. Very effective looking trees, nice one!!

  2. Will certainly have to have a go at this, great work!

  3. That's a very good idea and the result is looking really great.
    That post is a good inspiration for building wooden terrain for Maurice or other systems.

  4. I've long intended to do something similar for forrest bases - they look really effective. When I get to my Quebec terrain expect to see me mimick your efforts. Cheers.

  5. Looking Good!

    French and Indian war games really need woods too.