Thursday, 31 July 2014

Boots on the ground!!!

Finally got my painted ECW guys on the table using a set of house rules. It was a rather good game that utimately ended in a draw. I had my Covenanters and Parliment dragoons fighting against the damn Royaists.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Border Reivers

These are some of the Border Reivers that i painted for my game Albanich. I had never took close up pics of them but im looking to sell them on Lead Adventure forum so i thought i might as well get pics. 

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Robert Baratheon Future King of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros

 My Robert the Future King of Westeros is complete. Some of the guys at my club at starting to get into the idea of the playing A Song of Fire and Ice Saga games. I sold all the first figures i painted as i wasn't 100% happy with them and im now going to use only Claymore castings figures for my army. This is the Claymore castings Percy Hotspur figure with the Hammer head and Antlers coming from Games Workshop Bretonians.

I have a number of the figures on the table about 60% painted so hopefully i have something to show soon. 

My focus is on the story prior to the books and before Robert became King. For me it has better battles and better heroes. I can also get Robert and Ned on the field of battle against the Dragon lovers :)

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ECW Covenanters and Dragoons

I have a game next Sunday with these wee guys so Herr Imrie told me to get them done for it. We will be using the ECW Small game rules that he uses.

They are probably not 100% complete and could do with a few more highlights but they will do for the table.

Two Covenanters to add the my current ones and complete them.

Parliment Dragoons in both Blue and Green cuffs.

Two sections of Musket for my Covenanter Regiment which allong with the current 16 Pike i have will give me a big ass Regiment.

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