Sunday, 17 November 2013

Targe 2013 FIW Game

Some pics from my game i put on at Targe. There was much gaming as the guy from our club i was gaming with couldn't make it at last minute.

Got loads of nice compliments about the table so at least that was good.

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

M&T Club Game

Played another game of M&T today to go through a test scenario for a next weeks Targe show in Kirriemuir.

The game started off with a an ambush on a Unit of Regulars and supply train. As expected with the ambush being on both sides of the Regulars it ended up a blood bath and all but wiped out a 22 man unit in one turn. The only volley fire the Regulars fired never even hit an angry beaver but it did piss off some trees.

The near by settlement upon hearing the musket fire had to raise the alarm at the near by church (please note the church and the blockhouse are not on the table but will be at the show) so that the off table Elite Rangers could come and save the day.

Once the Milice and Indians had dealt with the Regulars they turned their attention to the settlement. The Light Infantry and the Black Watch Highlanders did well to the keep them at bay and the civilians finally made it to the Church to ring the bell to bring on the Rangers.

The Lights and Highlanders started taking a lot of Casualties but even with the mere presence of the Rangers gave them a boost and started to improve on the shooting even before the Rangers got into range.

By the time the Rangers got into range they started to push the Indians back. First getting a unit of Indians out of one of the cabins that they had taken without much effort. They then started to take many casualties on the new into the Battle Companies Franches de la Marine.

The French had a bit of luck with an event card giving them a reinforcement unit but even with this it was going to be a hard task. Despite still pressing and reducing the Lights and Highlanders to very small numbers the French were out of luck due to the morale of the Indians depleted. This allowed much of the remaining fire to be placed on the French and routing them at the end.

Overall a good game and im looking forward to Targe. Quite proud given that all the figures on the table were own.

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