Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Pirate Assassin and Indiana Jones

One good thing about being on holiday is the chance to paint loads. Todays effort is the Nort Star Pirate Assassin  and Indiana Jones.

Pirates and Pulp are two areas id like to paint more and game in for 2015.

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Spanish Civil War Moroccans and Corpo Truppe Volontarie

Finished another two units. Quite pleased with the outcome on these given that i only spent about 6 days in total on them all.

The figures are great as usual and i loved painting the Italians. Not sure i got the skin tones on the Moroccans that i wanted nor am i 100% sold that i got the CTV uniform correct but they will do for the table.

Next i have some Nationalist Cavalry too paint. I DO NOT LIKE PAINTING HORSES :)

The flags have been made by myself but for Empress. They can be bought only from the Empress site. 


Moroccan Regulares

 Corpo Truppe Volontarie

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!

I Hope everyone has a good new Christmas and New Year. 

I got my Bloggger Secret Santa this morning so i guess ill need to make Agincourt flags now :)

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Spanish Civil War Carlists

Finished a squad of Spanish Civil War Carlists needed for my Carronade 2015 game. I think ill need to get Volley Fire to paint me more armour so we can get a really big game. I just need to get more figures painted.

All Empress figures and vehicles.

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Earl of Manchesters Foot Regiment

The first two bases of my Earl of Manchesters Foot Regiment. Changed to multi base as the small sclae rules we have been played don't really need the figures single based and can get away with multi base. Also the fact that Bicorne and Renegade are pretty big and i stuggle to get them on the 20x20 bases.

I will need quite a few of these guys as they were a double regiment at Marston Moor. Theres is some debate as to wither they were Green Coats and Red cuffs or Red coats and Green cuffs. Im going to do both as i might do two battalions in the different coats.

Some good info on the Regiment here.


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Lion Rampant game 14/12/2014

Played a game with Saxon Dog (David Imrie) and Stuart from Studio Miniatures last weekend.

Got my Grand Company figures on the table and let’s just say they are a very disobedient bunch of mercenaries. I found it very hard to get them moving during the game which meant my lesser troops ended up outnumbered and wiped out despite giving a good fight.

The objective of the game was to take a Holy Relic that is held in the Village and hold onto it to be the winner. Stu got to it first and the assaulting of Village by my troops to take it back killed far too many of them. They went out with a fight taking a good few Enemy Knights down with them.

I really enjoy these rules. I’m not a big table gamer unless there is a quite a few people playing nor am I a huge fan of Medievals but these rules give me a route into Medievals at a scale I like.

I'm also the proud owner of the fantastic Teutonic’s painted by David and number of other archers that we agreed on a swap for my Romans.

If you have not played them id certainly suggest giving them a try.

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