Sunday, 20 January 2013

Gripping Beast Freebie

Still not sure what period this is from or even which country.

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28mm Gladiators

I started these as i knew it would be a quick project and i wouldn't need much to get a game. Picked all of these up second hand from Lead adventure forum and from Colonel Bills.

I just need to get some sort of Arena now. Im also not happy with some of the paint jobs on them but im going to visit David Imrie where i will get to watch the master at work and get some tips to improve on my current level.

Im going to try out the Warhammer Gladiator rules that picked up for £10 on LaF which is a total bargain.

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Galloping Major Ranger Command

I needed Maj Robert Rogers and Duke. More great figures from lance at Galloping Major.

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Empress Zulu War Command

These will be going on Ebay as i really don't want to start a Zulu War project. Out of site out of mind.

I did some 24th (II Batt) Foot standard bearers but i sold them to a guy in the Glasgow club before i could take good pics of them.

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Artizan Old West and Alamo

Bought these from Dave Thomas sometime back and finally got these finished. As i have been painting a lot of French and Indian War and currently the Warlord Fallschrimjager boxset i needed something to keep the mind from numbing in between.

No plans to use these for any games at the moment but i have loads of Old West stuff so these can be the start of a future project.

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