Tuesday, 30 July 2013

M&T Game Point Levis Skirmish

The idea of this game was that a group of Canadian and Indians have attacked the British camp at Point Levis during the siege of Quebec. The Rangers and Light Infantry have been sent in to flush them out.

The battle started so well for the British taking some big casualties and then it all went wrong with most of the Rangers being wiped out very quickly and not doing enough damage to the Indians and Canadians in the woods. The trees did them well and meant my boys got shot to ribbons.

In the end the Indians and Canadians took so many casualties that the British had to fall back to the camp with many wounded and dead left behind to feel the of the Natives on their scalps.

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Otterburn and Flodden Trip

Here are some pictures from a trip that David Imrie (Saxon Dog) and I made down to Otterburn and Flodden.

Mr Imrie at Otterburn. I fully expected him to turn up in full armour haha.

Percy Memorial. It was interesting to note that there was nothing for Douglas even though he died at the battle.

Otterburn Field where the battle took place.

Thistle on the battle field. This came home with me :)

Looking down on The Battlefield from the Scots camp.


Otterburn Panoramic

 Flodden Panoramic

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Old West Figures

Took some pics of my new Old West figures at a recent game of Dead Mans Hand.I currently have a load of the Brigade Games Deadwood figures on the painting desk just now as well.

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