Sunday, 29 June 2014

Presbyterians and Red Devils

Ok the ECW project is taking it times but im still slogging along on it. I recently bought a load of WW2 stuff and the ECW and Roman projects will be getting done inbetween the WW2 painting.

I have finished off 16 Covenanter Pike and will now move into the Musket units. One day i will have a Regiment complete. These will probably be splint into two Pike Units for two regiments.

Next on the completed list is 20 more Red Devils. I only need to get a few more figures for this project then i will hhave the 1000 point in Boolt  Action that i aimed for. I want to have 1000 points for the following Soviets, German Heer Panzergrenadiers with added Volkssturm units for fun, US Airborne and Chindits. I already have over 1000 Fallschirmj√§ger army.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blog issues.....HELP!!!!

Does anyone know why i can't see all the updates on my blog feed? Im only getting to see one of the updates and don' know how else im meant to read all the other ones.


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